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Whether you are a new start-up clinic looking for a state-of-the-art IT setup, or an established business looking to upgrade to a newer infrastructure, REND Tech Associates can help you host your clinical applications on the cloud.
Accessing Genie on Cloud for Health is possible now, which has allowed hundreds of health professionals all around Australia reduce their costs, frustrations and ultimately eliminate liabilities associated with older outdated technologies.

Future-proof your business & enjoy the power of the cloud

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Why Genie on the cloud?

Genie on Cloud for Health removes the need to purchase, set up and maintain an expensive in-house server. The benefits of Genie on the cloud include reliability; access from anywhere, cost reduction and most importantly, an enhancement of the user experience.

Health professionals who access Genie on the cloud enjoy a reliable, secure and user-friendly experience. Without the need to install additional software on your computer, you can access your patient data from any internet-enabled device with absolute security.

How does it work?

By creating a complex environment made up of data centre resources, software platforms and security policies, we allow health businesses to access their clinical applications via this cloud platform. We call this complex environment Cloud for Heath.

For the end user, they open their browser, log into a secure portal and from there launch Genie and access their patient data.

What About The User Experience?

Cloud for Health users the enjoy the speed and reliability that is expected of high-end network implementations. Genie behaves in the same way and the user does not notice any changes in the user experience or any loss of functionality.

What are the costs?

The beauty of cloud computing is that you only pay for what you use. Whilst traditional IT setups require you to purchase install and maintain expensive servers, with cloud computing this is not necessary.
Cloud for Health allows affordable monthly fees per user. In other words, whether it’s one user or a hundred, the costs are per user. Prices range from $99 per user per month to up to $250 per user per month.

The price depends on the number of users and scope of the project.

What about backups & Security?

One of the main reasons why health professionals use Cloud for Health to host Genie is peace of mind, especially when it comes to backups and security, which are essential when dealing with patient data.
Your clinical data is backed up every night and each backup is stored for 30 days before automatic deletion. Your data is also protected by a complex security process, including enterprise-grade routers, verification policies and more.

What’s Next?

Genie On Cloud For Health FAQ

Cloud for Health is a cloud computing platform designed by REND Tech Associates that allows health businesses to use powerful data centre resources rather than investing in local servers, each of each requires capital and staff to support and maintain.

By using our data centre resources, the health business will dramatically reduce their capital expenses, future-proof their business and remove the risks and associated costs of having a local server in the clinic.

Your business data is stored in one of our enterprise-grade data centres. They are located in Australia and are classified as top-tier data centres.

By having your data stored in Australia, your business is protected under Australian law and as such, data privacy and health record security are assured.

Absolutely, Genie works perfectly on Cloud for Health because of the sheer power and scalability of cloud computing. When hosting Genie on Cloud for Health,you are using virtually unlimited IT power to make Genie work at maximum performance.

Instead of a small server running Genie, imagine an entire data centre powering the application and running it. Genie on Cloud for Health is noticeably faster and more reliable that local servers.

Data backup and security is our number one priority.

We backup your entire platform (Clinical, documents and emails) every night and give you the option of restoring data for up to 30 days after each backup is made.

You simply open the web browser from any device, go to a secure portal and log in. You can then run your application and access your patient data with ease.
Our data centre is protected by state-of-the-art Cisco firewalls and an N+1 risk management strategy. Simply put, your data is protected by the best available in hardware and software.
Since our data centres are in Australia, we follow Australia’s national privacy principals and in turn, ensure that your data is safe, secure and always remains under your ownership.
What is the difference between Cloud for Health and local IT?
Cloud for Health does not require onsite servers or onsite IT support. Rather than hosting your clinical applications on a small business server, Cloud for Health is hosted in a top-tier data centre with virtually unlimited resources.

Businesses that compare the costs associated with each method will notice that local IT servers/infrastructure require a hefty initial IT investment whilst with Cloud for Health the capital expenses are substantially lower.

Another difference between cloud computing and local IT is the scalability factor. Should your business grow and you have a Local IT setup then you will need to upgrade the hardware, licencing and support of your current server. With Cloud for Health, as your business grows, the platform can be upgraded in minutes and all without purchasing additional hardware.

Cloud for Health is managed and maintained by REND Tech Associates and its infrastructure partners. To ensure that your business is always able to access its IT resources via the cloud we employ specialised staff (architects, solution designers, after hours support staff) to manage and maintain the Cloud for Health platform.

All of our staff and enterprise contractors are based on Australia and have been trained to specifically manage clinical environments with the utmost security.